Laser technologies in welding and materials processing
Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference
27-31 May, 2013, vil. Katsiveli, Crimea, Ukraine
Kiev: International Association «Welding», 102 pp. Soft cover, 200х290 mm.

The book contains papers presented at the Sixth International Conference «Laser Technologies in Welding and Materials Processing», covering the latest achievements in the field of laser welding, cutting, surfacing and other advanced processes of laser machining of materials. Prospects of application of laser technologies are considered. Authors of the papers are the known specialists from many countries all over the world.


  • Kovalenko V.S. Laser technology as a key factor in further development of modern sustainable manufacturing     7
  • Bachmann M., Avilov V., Gumenyuk A., Rethmeier M. High power laser beam welding of austenitic stainless steel with electromagnetic weld pool support                11
  • Golovko L.F., Bloshchitsin M.S. Peculiarities of application of energy of plasma jet for combined process of laser-induction surfacing                  15
  • Golovko L.F., Bloshchitsin M.S. Peculiarities of application of induction heating in combined laser-induction surfacing         18
  • Demchenko V.F., Lesnoy A.B., Abdulakh V.M. Kinetics of fusion of powder material in laser and hybrid surfacing over powder layer                  22
  • Dzhemelinskyy V., Lesyk D. Combined laser and ultrasonic finishing and strengthening processing steel products  26
  • Ilyasov V.V., Meskhi B.Ch., Ryzhkin A.A., Ershov I.V., Fam D.K., TelyatnikovE.D. Modelling, synthesis and nano/microstructuring of surface of materials by laser irradiation         30
  • Kovalenko V.S., Yao J., Zhang Q., Kondrashev P., Anyakin M., Zhuk R., Stepura O. Mutual interaction of focused laser beam and gas-powder stream on laser processing quality    34
  • Kovalenko V.S., Yao J., Zhang Q., Nayebi M., Anyakin M., Zhuk R., Stepura O., Kondrashev P. Laser milling of super-hard materials                  39
  • Krivtsun I.V., Shelyagin V.D., Bushma A.I., Sydorets V.N., Khaskin V.Yu. Laser-plasma welding of stainless steels                 44
  • Mazur A., Lubovna L., Pustovoyt S., Petruk V., Makovetska O. Information systems and economic and statistical database on the welding production              48
  • Markashova L.I., Poznyakov V.D., Berdnikova E.N., Shelyagin V.D., Zhdanov S.L., Siora A.V. Peculiarities of structure of welded joints of high-strength steel formed under laser welding conditions         51
  • Markashova L.I., Tyurin Yu.N., Kolisnichenko O.V., Valevich M.L., Bogachev D.G. Optimizing of structure and service properties of working surfaces of parts from high-strength cast iron after pulse-plasma surface treatment          56
  • Markashova L.I., Tyurin Yu.N., Kolisnichenko O.V., Valevich M.L., Bogachev D.G. Structural-phase state of Nr-Cr protective coatings deposited by method of cumulative-detonation spraying         60
  • Markashova L.I., Shelyagin V.D., Khaskin V.Yu., Kushnareva O.S., Bernatskiy A.V. Influence of structure-phase state on mechanical properties of surface layers of structural steel formed under conditions of laser-plasma alloying  64
  • Polishko A.A., Saenko V.Ya., Stepanyuk S.N., Tunik A.Yu. Investigation of structure and hardness of fusion zone in cast high-nickel alloy EK62 (KhN56MBYuD) of electroslag remelting after its surface treatment by laser          70Semenov I.L., Krivtsun I.V. Charging of particles of condensed phase in vapour-gas jet in deep penetration laser welding               75
  • Semenov A.P., Shuba I.V., Krivtsun I.V., Demchenko V.F. Modelling of dynamics of weld pool in spot pulse laser radiation welding                  80
  • Sipavicius C., Mazeika K., Drazdys R., Padgurskas J., Buzelis R. Creation of Universal Laser Equipment with expanded possibilites of application            85
  • Sokolov M., Salminen A. Edge surface preparation in laser welding of low-alloyed steels                89
  • Khaskin V.Yu., Dolyanovskaya O.V. Selection of mode of laser quenching of 5Kh3V3MFS (DI23) tool steel           92
  • Shelyagin V.D., Akhonin S.V., Khaskin V.Yu., Belous V.Yu. Welding of titanium alloys by hybrid method using Nd:YAG laser irradiation and non-consumable electrode arc                 96
  • Name Index          102

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