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Laser technologies in welding and materials processing
Program and Abstracts of Papers
14—18 September, 2015, «Kurortny» hotel, Odessa, Ukraine


  • Bo Li, Zhihong Li, Lijing Yang, Jianhua Yao. Microstructure and Wear-Resistant Properties of WC/SS316L Composite Coatings Prepared with Supersonic Laser Deposition ... 25
  • Bushma A.I. Current Condition of Laser-Plasma Hybrid Welding ... 25
  • Wang Liang, Yong Hu, Shiying Song, Sanpin Lai, Jianhua Yao. Effect of Electric-Magnetic Composite Field on WC Particulate Reinforced Metal Matrix Composites Layers by Laser Melt Injection ... 26
  • Dzhemelinskiy V., Lesyk D., Saliy S., Danyleiko O. Finishing of Small-Sized Medical Products of Complex Shape ... 26
  • Dragan G.S., Kolesnikov K.V. Nonideal Interaction of Condensed Particles in Dusty Plasma of Laser-Induced Breakdown ... 27
  • Kovalenko V. Development of 3D Additive Processing for Product Manufacturing in Modern Industry ... 27
  • Kovalenko D., Krivtsun I., Kovalenko I., Reisgen U., Gerhards B., Zabirov A. Synergetic Activation of Nd(Yb):YAG Laser Welding of Steels with TIG Arc (TIGAL Process) ... 28
  • Kovalenko V., Yao J., Anyakin M., Zang Q., Zhuk R., Hu H. Advancements in Joint Research of Laser Cladding at Components Manufacturing ... 28
  • Krivtsun I., Abdulakh V., Svirzhevska M., Reisgen U., Gerhards B. Metal Penetration in TIG, Laser and Hybrid (TIG + Laser) Spot Welding. Part I – Experimental Study ... 29
  • Krivtsun I., Hubaiev K., Krikent I., Semenov O., Reisgen U., Zabirov А. Metal Penetration in TIG, Laser and Hybrid (TIG + Laser) Spot Welding. Part II – Mathematical Modelling ... 29
  • Krivtsun I., Krikent I., Demchenko V., Reisgen U., Zabirov А., Mokrov O. Interaction of CO2-Laser Beam with Electric Arc Plasma in Hybrid (TIG + Laser) Welding ... 30
  • Krivtsun I., Reisgen U., Gerhards B., Zabirov А. Experimental Research of Hybrid Welding Process in Combination of GTA with CO2- or Yb:YAG-Laser Beam ... 30
  • Krivtsun I.V., Sidorets V.N., Khaskin V.Yu., Korzhyk V.N., Bushma A.I., Luo Ziyi. Increase of Efficiency of Hybrid Welding of Aluminum Alloys ... 31
  • Lesyk D., Martinez S., Dzhemelinskiy V., Mordyuk B., Lamikiz А., Prokopenko G. Surface Hardening of the Steel Parts by Laser and Ultrasonic Treatment ... 31
  • Markashova L.I., Poznyakov V.D., Shelyagin V.D., Berdnikova E.N., Alekseenko T.A. Structure, Strength and Crack Resistance of Joints from 14KhGN2MDAFB Steel in Laser-Arc Hybrid Welding ... 32
  • Makhnenko O., Muzhichenko A. Numerical Simulation of Residual Stresses and Sensitization Induced by Laser Beam Welding in a 12 % Cr Stainless Steel Pipe ... 33
  • Pasechnikova N.V., Naumenko V.A., Umanets N.N. Strength of Chorioretinal Joints after Influence of High-Frequency Welding of Biological Tissues and Diode Endolaser Coagulation ... 33
  • Piekarska W., Kubiak M., Saternus Z. Numerical Modelling of Structural Composition in Laser Welded Steel Elements by Using Yb:YAG Laser ... 34
  • Poznyakov V.D., Shelyagin V.D., Zavdoveev A.V., Zhdanov L.S., Maksimenko A.A., Bernatsky A.V. Effect of Thermal Welding Cycles on Structure and Properties of Joints from High-Strength Steel Produced using Laser-Arc Hybrid Welding ... 34
  • Romanov B.S., Golovko L.F., Lutay A.M. Laser Metal Forming of Sheet Parts from Heat-Strengthened Materials ... 35
  • Som A.I., Krivtsun I.V. Plasma + Laser – New Capabilities of Plasma-Powder Surfacing ... 35
  • Khudetsky I.Yu., Krivtsun I.V., Sukhin I.A. Advantages of Application of Coherent and Noncoherent Coagulators for Wounds Treatment ... 36
  • Shevchenko S.B., Krivtsun I.V., Golovko L.F., Lutay A.N., Slobodyanyuk V.P. Capabilties of Application of Laser Treatment for Increasing Quality of Electrode Wire ... 37
  • Shelyagin V.D., Kurilo V.A., Shuba I.V., Bernatsky A.V., Wang Chunsheng, Wan Dinda, Zhen Shukhuey. Laser Manual Machine for Welding of Railway Transport Products ... 37
  • Shelyagin V.D., Saenko V.Ya. , Polishko A.A., Ryabinin V.A., Bernatsky A.V., Siora A.V., Tunik A.Yu., Stepanyuk S.N., Klochkov I.N., Grigorenko S.G. Quality of VT1-0 DShP Titanium Welded Joints Formed at Laser Welding in Atmosphere with Nitrogen Addition ... 38
  • Shelyagin V.D., Khaskin V.Yu., Bernatsky A.V., Siora A.V., Palagesha A.N. Laser-Arc Hybrid Welding of Aluminum Alloys ... 39
  • Shelyagin V.D., Khaskin V.Yu., Bernatsky A.V., Siora A.V., Palagesha A.N., Tunik A.Yu., Goncharenko E.I., Chepurnoy A.D. Development of Technologies for Laser Welding of Body Elements of Freight Railway Cars ... 39
  • Jianhua Yao, Kovalenko V. Research Progress of Supersonic Laser Deposition Technology ... 40
  • POSTER PAPERS ... 41
  • Anyakin M.I., Serditov O.T., Klyuchnikov Yu.V., Moiseenko G.S., Pizhov M.I. Increase of working tool efficiency ... 43
  • Zelnichenko A.T., Romanova I.Yu. Laser Technologies in Welding and Material Processing: Analysis Based on Materials Published in Welding Journals and Proceedings of LTWMP Conferences ... 43
  • Prudnikov A.M., Varyukhin V.N., Zavdoveev A.V. Synthesis of Super-Energy Structures in Pulse Laser Irradiation of Nanostructure Carbon-Based Materials ... 43
  • Iurzhenko M.V., Tarasenko O.O., Demchenko V.L., Shadrin A.O., Palagesha A.M., Fedoseeva O.V., Menzheres M.G. Features and Behavior of Plastics at Laser Welding ... 44
  • Gavrilov D.S., Makhnenko O.V. Prediction of Welding Deformations of Rotor of Radial Pump NR-7500 in Arc and Laser Welding Technologies ... 45
  • NAME INDEX ... 48

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