13-17 September, 2004, vil. Katsiveli, Crimea, Ukraine
Proceedings of Second International Conference / Edited by Prof. V.I. Makhnenko
Kiev: International Association «Welding», 258 pp. Soft cover, 200х290 mm.

В сборнике представлены доклады Второй международной конференции «Математическое моделирование и информационные технологии в сварке и родственных процессах», в которых отражены достижения за последние годы в области математического моделирования физических явлений, протекающих при сварке, наплавке и других родственных процессах. Авторами докладов являются известные специалисты из различных стран мира.
Для научных и инженерно-технических работников, занятых в области сварки, резки, наплавки, пайки, нанесения защитных покрытий и других родственных процессов.


  • Introduction          10
  • Makhnenko V. I. Advances in mathematical modelling and information technologies for welding and related technologies                 11
  • Asnis A. E., Demchenko V. F., Lesnoj A. B., Zabolotin S. P. Computer modelling of hydrodynamics and heat transfer in growing of silicon single crystal by the floating-zone electron beam melting method          24
  • Belyavin K. E., Petrushina M. V., Pogudo E. L., Chivel Yu. A. Modelling of laser welding of charges of spherical metal powders          28
  • Bokota A., Piekarska W. Stressed state in joints made by laser welding with preheating  32
  • Bolshakov M. V., Lukina G. N. Mathematical model of diffusion bonding of porous metals         38
  • Borisov Yu. S., Zatserkovny A. S., Krivtsun I. V. Numerical analysis of processes of heat exchange between arc plasma and finely dispersed metal particles    43
  • Velikoivanenko E. A., Rozynka G. F., Pivtorak N. I. Calculation algorithm for estimation of permissible sizes of lack of penetration in welded joints operating under complex range of cyclic loads  50
  • Velikoivanenko E. A., Rozynka G. F., Pivtorak N. I., Shekera V. M. Numerical study of kinetics of stresses in butt welding of rails made from dissimilar materials  56
  • Goloborodko Zh. G., Kvasnitsky V. V., Matvienko M. V., Solonichenko Yu. V., Serbin S. I., Kvasnitsky V. F. Modelling of composition of gas atmosphere in plasma cutting of ship hull steels and its effect on the welding quality                66
  • Demchenko V. F., Lesnoj A. B. Numerical modelling of heat and mass transfer and hydrodynamics in electron beam remelting of titanium alloys      71
  • Dzyuba V. L., Korsunov K. A. Mathematical modelling of non-stationary arc in plasmatron channel         77
  • DiltheyU., Mokrov O., Pavlyk V. Modelling and simulation of multi-pass GMA welding of carbon steel with preheating       83
  • Diachenko V. I., Medvedev S. V., Chizh O. P. Supercomputer-aided structural-technological design of welded structures       89
  • Zankovets P. V., Sheleg V. K. Mathematical modelling of the effect of production factors on formation of defects in welded joints                  95
  • Zdor G. N., Ivanov G. A., Zankovets P. V. Computer systems for technological preparation of fabrication of welded structures          99
  • SemmlerU., Alaluss K., Matthes K.-J. FE-modelling of the thermometallurgy and stress-distortion behaviour during PTA hardfacing                  103
  • Kashirsky Yu. V., Zubchenko A. S. Information bank on structural materials and welding consumables    109
  • Kvasnitsky V. V., Buryakov A. V. Mathematical modelling of chemical composition of weld metal in submerged-arc welding            115
  • Kvasnitsky V. F., Ermolaev G. V., Labartkava A. V. Investigation of the effect of shape of a brazed joint in dissimilar materials on natural stress fields by the computer modelling method          119
  • Kvasnitsky V. V., Matvienko M. V., Kvasnitskaya Yu. G. Effect of selective evaporation on chemical composition of metal in electron beam technologies              123
  • Korolyova T. V. Development of the ArcWeldSys system in terms of mathematical modelling and information filling          127
  • Kostin V. A. Analytical description of the process of formation of acicular ferrite in the low-carbon low-alloy steel weld metal            134
  • Kostina L. V. Computer-aided system for design of technological processes and regulation of blanking operations used in welding fabrication            137
  • Kunkevich D. P., Medvedev S. V. Computer technologies for design of assembly-welding fixture: current status, problems and prospects                  140
  • Lebedev Yu. M. Algorithms of calculation of weldability conditions for low-alloy hardenable steels depending upon their composition and initial structure      145
  • Lebedev Yu. M., Martynenko V. A. Peculiarities of surface hardening of cylindrical carbon and low-alloy steel parts using non-consumable electrode arc         151
  • Lesnoj A. B., Kasatkin O. G., Zamkov V. N. Information system on welding of titanium and titanium alloys           157
  • Maksimov S. Yu., Gurzhy A. A. Effect of underwater welding conditions on initiation pores in weld metal                 161
  • Margolin B. Z., Varovin A. Ya., Kostylyov V. I. Determination of residual welding stresses in water-moderated reactor bodies after multi-pass welding, surfacing and high-temperature tempering          167
  • Markashova L. I., Arsenyuk V. V., Grigorenko G. M., Berdnikova E. N., Alekseenko T. A. Structural approach to evaluation of mechanical properties of HAZ of joints in steels and alloys            174
  • Makhnenko V. I., Velikoivanenko E. A., Kravtsov V. T. Numerical method for evaluation of residual stresses and microstructural components in welding of propeller shafts of medium-tonnage sea ships             180
  • Makhnenko V. I., Saprykina G. Yu. Discontinuous solidification of weld metal                 185
  • Makhnenko O. V. Increasing efficiency of thermal straightening of thin-sheet welded structures on the basis of mathematical modelling                  189
  • Nezhivlyak A. E., Grechneva M. V., Balanovsky A. E., Aksyonov Yu. N. Development of a rational design of span bolsters based on the finite elements analysis results         195
  • Nesterenko N. P., Senchenkov I. K. Modelling of vibration heating of reinforced polymeric films in ultrasonic welding with normal feed of vibrations              200
  • Ohji T., Miyasaka F., Yamamoto T., Tsuji Y. Mathematical model for MAG welding in a manufacturing environment         205
  • Palamarchuk B. I., Pashchin N. A., Malakhov A. T., Cherkashin A. V., Manchenko A. N., Chajka A. A. Modelling of parameters of the shock-wave process in local pulsed treatment of plane samples using ring charges            210
  • Palotas B. Mathematical modelling of welding phenomena     215
  • Piekarska W. Phase transformations in HAZ metal of welded joints made by laser welding with preheating              220
  • Petrushina M. V., Nikolajchuk V. V. Modelling of shrinkage forces and moving heat sources for prediction of residual welding strains                  225
  • Pokhodnya I. K., Shvachko V. I. , Bernatsky S. V. Effect of polymorphic g О a transformation on distribution of hydrogen in weld                  230
  • Prokopenko G., Kudryavtsev Y., Knysh V. Ultrasonic peening of welded elements and software for its optimum application              233
  • Senchenkov I. K., Tabieva G. A., Ryabtsev I. A., Turyk E. Numerical modelling of residual stresses and strains in multi-layer cladding of cylindrical parts    237
  • Skosnyagin Yu. A., Lesnoj A. B. Information storage and retrieval system «Electrodes for manual arc welding»      242
  • Shably O. N., Pulka Ch. V., Pismenny A. S. Mathematical modelling of cooling of a disk after induction cladding in a heating system                  245
  • Shvachko V. I. , Ignatenko A. V. Numerical estimation of the amount of hydrogen transferred by edge dislocation                248
  • Index      255

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