Mathematical modelling and information technologies in welding and related processes
27-30 May, 2008, vil. Katsiveli, Crimea, Ukraine
Proceedings of 4th International Conference / Edited by Prof. V.I. Makhnenko
Kiev: International Association «Welding», 182 pp. Soft cover, 200х290 mm.

В сборнике представлены доклады Четвертой международной конференции «Математическое моделирование и информационные технологии в сварке и родственных процессах» в которых отражены достижения за последние годы в области математического моделирования физических явлений, протекающих при сварке, наплавке и других родственных процессах Авторами докладов являются известные специалисты из различных стран мира.
Для научных и инженерно-технических работников, занятых в области сварки, резки, наплавки, пайки, нанесения защитных покрытия и других родственных процессов.


  • Gorobets О.Yu., Maksimov S.Yu., Prilipko E.A. Analysis of Hydrodynamic Processes in
  • Underwater Welding with Electromagnetic Action 9
  • Diachenko V.I., Laktionov V.L., Lopatko I.O., Medvedev S.V. Computerization of Structural- echnological Designing of Welded Structures under Conditions of RUE «MTZ» 13
  • Zankovets P.V. Quality and Competitiveness Optimization of Welded Products on Basis of Mathematical Modeling of Relationship of Cause and Effect of the Welded Joint Defects Formation 17
  • Kvasnitsky V.V., Ermolaev G.V., Matvienko M.V. Influence of the Size Ratios of Cylindrical Parts from Dissimilar Materials on Stress Strain State in Diffusion Welding 23
  • Kvasnitsky V.V., Ermolaev G.V., Matvienko M.V. Optimization of Stress-Strain State in Diffusion Welding of Dissimilar Materials 28
  • Kvasnitsky V.V., Labartkava Al.V. Optimization of the Metal-Ceramic Pressure Seal Design on Basis of a Stressed State Modeling and Development of the Brazing Technology 34
  • Kvasnitsky V.V., Ermolaev G.V., Labartkava An.V. Street-Strain State of Double-Layer Bushings from Dissimilar Materials 38
  • Korolyova Т.V. Mathematical Modeling of Process of Production of Ingots of Big Diameter from High Alloys of Inconel Type 42
  • Korostachevsky P.V., Royanov V.A. Determination of Main Parameters of Roller Fields of the Assembly and Welding Lines of Thin-Sheet Panels 49
  • Krivtsun I., Demchenko V., Lesnoj A.. Nakvasyuk V., Mokrov O., Rajzgen U. Zabirov I., Раvlyk V. Mathematical Modeling of Electromagnetic Processes in the «Welding Arc-Evaporating Anode» System Taking Into Account the Anode Potential Fall 55
  • Кrivtsun I.V., Demchenko V.F., Yushchenko K.A., Lesnoj A.B., Kovalenko D.V., Kovalenko I.V. Mathematical Modeling of Heat. Electromagnetic and Hydrodynamic Processes in TIG and A-TIG Welding using an Immovable Arc 64
  • Кunkevich D.P., Medvedev S.V., Petruchina M.V., Yakovleva Zk.G. Program Complex for Forming Models of Welds for Predicting General Residual Strains of Metal Structures 72
  • Markashova L.I., Berdnikova E.N., Kushnaryova O.S., Polovetsky E.V. Method for Estimating Contribution of Separate Structural-Phase Parameters into Change of Mechanical Properties of Joints of Complex Alloyed Aluminium Alloys 77
  • Markashova L.I., Grigorenko G.M., Petrov S.V., Valevich M.L. Methods for Analytical Assessment of Reasons of Crack Formation on Working Surfaces of Railway Wheels 81
  • Markashova L.I., Griogorenko G.M., Poznyakov V.D., Berdnikova E.N., Alekseenko Т.A. Structural Factors Determining Strength. Ductility and Failure of Welded Joints 87
  • Makhnenko V.I., Kvasnitsky V.V., Ermolaev G.V. Stress Strain State In Diffusion Welding of Materials with Different Physical-Mechanical Properties 95
  • Makhnenko V I., Saprykina G.Yu. Safe Operation Life of Welded Joints of Railway Cars 103 Makhnenko О V., Muzhichenko A.F., Seyffatth P. Application of Mathematical Modeling for Optimizing Technology of Heat Straightening of Shipbuilding Panels 109
  • Medvedev S.V., Petrushina M.V., Chizk O.P. Methodology for Computer Dynamic Tests of Welded Structures 117
  • Milenin A.S. Problem-Oriented Software for Numerical Research of the Brazing-Welding and Heat Treatment of Ti-AI Joints of Different Types 122
  • Milenin A.S Prediction of Influence of Thermal and Mechanical Treatment of Ti-Al Brazed-Welded Structures on Their Strest-Strain State 125
  • Myakishev Yu.V. Two- and Three-Dimensional Models of Fluctuation Processes at Action of Electron Beam on a Metal 131
  • Pittner A., Weiss D., Schwenk С, Rethmeier M. Fast Generation and Prediction of Welding Temperature Fields for Multiple Experiments 134
  • Rossiter Е.A., Apel M. Simulations Interface and Experimental Validation of Selected Aspects of the Microstructure Evolution during GMA Welding 141
  • Senchenkov I. K., Chervinko O.P., Dyachenko S.M Calculation of Long-Contour Sonotrodes for Ultrasonic Welding of Plastic 144
  • Senchenkov I.К., Chervinko O.P., Ryabtsev I. A., Kuzmenko ОG. Mathematical Modeling of Reduction-Hardening Surfacnvg of Worn Parts near Stress Concentrators 148
  • Sidorets V.N. Deterministic Chaos in an Eiectric Circuit with a Welding Arc 152
  • Sukhorukov S.B., Krivtsun I.V., Sidorets V.N. Mathematical Modeling of Gas Dynamics, Heat and Mass Exchange in Flow of Metal Vapor in Laser Welding with Deep Penetration 155
  • Kharlamov M.Yu., Krivtisun I V., Korzhik V.N, Petrov S.V., Demianov A.I. Mathematical Modeling of the Arc Plasma Turbulent Row Formed by a Plasrmatron with a Wire-Anode 165
  • Kharlamow M.Yu. Numeric Solution of Equations Describing Electric Arc Plasma Flow which Approaches Boundary Layer with Application of Multiprocessor Computation Systems 170
  • Name Index 180

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