25-28 May, 2010, vil. Katsiveli, Crimea, Ukraine Proceedings of Fifth International Conference / Edited by Prof. V.I. Makhnenko
Kiev: International Association «Welding», 244 pp. Soft cover, 200х290 mm.

В сборнике представлены доклады Пятой международной конференции «Математическое моделирование и информационные технологии в сварке и родственных процессах», в которых отражены достижения за последние годы в области математического моделирования физических явлений, протекающих при сварке, наплавке и других родственных процессах. Авторами докладов являются известные специалисты из различных стран мира.
Для научных и инженерно-технических работников, занятых в области сварки, резки, наплавки, пайки, нанесения защитных покрытий и других родственных процессов.


  • Makhnenko V.I. Mathematical Modelling and Information Technologies in Welding and Related Processes 7
  • Asnis E.A., Lesnoi A.B. Redistribution of Alloying and Background Impurities inGrowth of Silicon Single Crystal by the Method of Electron Beam Floating Zone Melting 16
  • Akhonin S.V., Belous V.Yu., Muzhichenko A.F. Calculation of Residual Stresses and Strains in Multi-Pass Narrow-Gap Magnetically-Controlled Arc Welding of Titanium Alloys 20
  • Batranin A.V., Krektuleva R.A., Sovetchenko B.F. Development of Expert System of Welding Manufacturing Equipment of Different Types 23
  • Bushma A.I., Sydorets V.N. Volt-Ampere Characteristics of Combined Laser-Arc Discharge 26
  • Golovko V.V., Taraborkin L.A. Calculation Modelling of Formation of the Pool Metal Chemical Composition for Arc Welding Methods in Thermodynamic Approximation 30
  • Grden M., Mundt J., Vollertsen F. Energy Distribution Characteristics at Defocused Laser Heating along High Curvature Paths 33
  • Gurin A.M., Kovalev O.B. Numerical Modelling of Multi-Vortex Convection of Dispersed Components in Metal Melt under the Laser Radiation Effect 38
  • Zaitsev A.V., Kovalev O.B. Mathematical Modelling of Two-Phase Flows at Coaxial Jet Powder Injection in Direct Material Deposition 45
  • Karkhin V.A., Pittner A., Schwenk C., Rethmeier M. Heat Source Models in Simulation of Heat Flow in Fusion Welding 56
  • Kovalenko D.V., Krivtsun I.V., Demchenko V.F., Kovalenko I.V. Peculiarities of thermal and hydrodynamic processes occurring in TIG and A-TIG welding of stainless steel 61
  • Kovalenko D.V., Pavlyak D.A., Sudnik V.A., Kovalenko I.V. Adequacy of Hydro-dynamic Model of the TIG and A-TIG Welding of Nickel Alloy Nimonik-75 65
  • Kovaleva I.O., Kovalev O.B. Modelling of the Evaporation Mechanism of Acceleration of Powder Particles under Radiation Effect in Laser Welding Deposition 70
  • Kostin V.A., Grigorenko G.M., Zhukov V.V. Mathematical Modeling of Structural Transformations in High-Strength Steel Welds Using a GLEEBLE 3800 Complex 77
  • Krektuleva R.A., Sovetchenko B.F., Cherepanov O.I. Modelling of Elastic-Plastic Deformation of Welded Joints with the Taking into Account the Gradient Inhomogeneity 85
  • Krikent I.V., Krivtsun I.V., Demchenko V.F., Semenov A.P. Modelling of the Heat, Mass and Electric Charge Transfer Processes in the Anode Region and Column of the Welding Arc with a Refractory Cathode 89
  • Lysenko A.B., Savinskaya N.A., Yakunin E.A. Modelling of the Structure Formation Processes under Conditions of Laser Treatment with Surface Melting 97
  • Markashova L.I., Berdnikova E.N., Alekseenko T.A. Evaluation and Prediction of Mechanical Properties of Welded Joints by Qualitative Fractography Methods 101
  • Markashova L.I., Grigorenko G.M., Berdnikova E.N. Structural Conditions for Optimisation of Strength, Ductility and Crack Resistance of Welded Joints 105
  • Markashova L.I., Tyurin Yu.N., Valevich M.L., Kolisnichenko O.V., Berdnikova E.N., Kushnaryova O.S. Analytical Evaluation of Contribution of Structural Parameters to Changes in Mechanical Properties of Tools and Machine Parts after Pulse Plasma Treatment 111
  • Martikainen J., Hiltunen E., Karkhin V., Ivanov S. Assessment of Liquation Crack Initiation in Al-Mg-Si Alloy Welded Joints 115
  • Makhnenko V.I., Kozlitina S.S., Dzyubak L.I., Kravets V.P. Risk of Formation of Carbides and s-Phase in Welding of Cr-Ni Steels 121
  • Makhnenko V.I., Medovar L.B., Saenko V.Ya., Polishko A.A., Korolyova T.V.,Lesnoi A.B., Tunik A.Yu., Zhukov V.V., Klochkov I.N., Berezin I.V. Modelling ofthe Process of Liquid-Metal Electroslag Cladding for Enlargement of Ingots 126
  • Makhnenko V.I., Milenin A.S., Makhnenko O.V. Risk of Fracture of Steel Pipelines in the Zone of Characteristic Defects 134
  • Makhnenko V.I., Romanova I.Yu. Calculation Prediction of the Risk of Failure of Welded Joints for a Range of Random Cyclic Loads 144
  • Makhnenko O.V., Kravets V.P. Mathematical Modelling of Propagation of Stress-Corrosion Cracks within the Welded Joint Zone 151
  • Milenin A.S. Assessment of Reinforcing Constructions Effectiveness at Repair of Main Pipelines with Surface Corrosion Defects 161
  • Muzhichenko A.F., Poleshchuk M.A., Shevtsov V.L. Mathematical Modelling of Peculiarities of Heat Release in the Slag Pool during Electroslag Casting with Incipient Melting 166
  • Mundt J., Sakkiettibutra J., Vollertsen F. Modelling of the Temperature-Dependent Absorption in Laser Heating Process 171
  • Oleinik O.I., But V.S. Calculation Methods for Development of the Technology for Repair Welding of Pressurised Main Pipelines 177
  • Semenov A., Demchenko V., Krivtsun I., Mokrov O., Zabirov A., Reisgen U. Mathematical Modelling of the Process of Formation of Electrode Metal Drop 183
  • Semenov I.L., Krivtsun I.V., Demchenko V.F. Numerical Investigation of the Effect of Pulse Laser-Arc Heat Source on Metal 193
  • Sudnik V.A. Phenomenological Simplifications of Hydrodynamic Problems of the Weld Pool and Validation of Such Models 204
  • Sudnik V.A., Erofeev V.A., Strakhova E.A. Numerical Analysis of Stability of the Molten Pool in Plasma Cladding of Bodies of Revolution 210
  • Sudnik V.A., Pavlyak D.A. Thermohydrodynamic Model of the Weld Pool and GTA Welding Process 216
  • Kharlamov M.Yu., Krivtsun I.V., Korzhyk V.N., Petrov S.V., Demyanov A.I. Modelling of the Processes of Heating, Melting and Melt Formation at the Anode Wire Tip in Plasma-Arc Spraying of Coatings 222
  • Schnick M., Fuessel U., Hertel M., Spille-Kohoff A., Murphy A.B. Numerical Model of Arc Behaviour in GMAW 233
  • Name Index 243

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2021.06.14 X International Conference
«Beam Technologies in Welding and Materials Processing»

6-11 September, 2021,

2021.04.23 6th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE Titanium 2022: Production and Application, Kyiv, E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute of the NAS of Ukraine, May 30 - June 1, 2022
2021.03.24 Serhiy Ivanovych KUCHUK-YATSENKO have died at the age of 91
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2020.02.21 VI International conference «Titanium 2020: Production and Application»
1–3 June 2020, Kyiv, E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute of the NASU

2020.01.17 X International Conference «Mathematical modeling and information technologies in welding and related processes» 14-18 September, 2020, Ukraine, Odessa
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