Mathematical modelling and information technologies in welding and related processes
Proceedings of Sixth International Conference / Edited by Prof. V.I. Makhnenko
Kiev: International Association «Welding», 166 pp. Soft cover, 200х290 mm.

Сборник включает 30 докладов Шестой международной конференции «Математическое моделирование и информационные технологии в сварке и родственных процессах», в которых отражены достижения за последние годы в области математического моделирования физических явлений, протекающих при сварке, наплавке и других родственных процессах. Авторами докладов являются известные специалисты из различных стран мира.
Для научных и инженерно-технических работников, занятых в области сварки, резки, наплавки, пайки, нанесения защитных покрытий и других родственных процессов.


  • Makhnenko V.I. Perspectives of Development of Mathematical Modeling and Information Technologies in Welding and Related Processes ... 7
  • Akhonin S.V., Belous V.Yu., Muzhichenko A.F., Selin R.V. Investigation of Influence of Welding Cycle on Structural Transformations in Heat Affected Zone of Titanium Alloy VT23 Using Mathematical Modeling Methods ... 13
  • Borisov Yu.S., Demchenko V.F., Lesnoy A.B., Khaskin V.Yu., Shuba I.V. Numeric Modelling of Heat and Hydrodynamic Processes in Laser-Plasma Treatment of Metal Surface ... 16
  • Vasiliev A.A., Erofeev V.A., Sudnik V.A. Modelling of Phenomena of Vapor Evaporation and Condensation in the Channel Using Beam Welding Methods ... 21
  • Volpp J., Gatzen M., Vollertsen F. Analytical Modelling of the Dynamic Behavior of the Keyhole for Different Laser Intensity Distributions During Laser Deep Penetration Welding ... 27
  • Kostin V.A., Grigorenko G.M., Krupenik A.M. Peculiarities of Modelling of Structural Transformations in Welds from High-Strength Steels ... 31
  • Markashova L.I., Kushnareva O.S. Structure and Service Properties of Welded Joints from Complexly Alloyed Al—Li Alloys ... 36
  • Markashova L.I., Poznaykov V.D., Alekseenko T.A., Berdnikova E.N. Structural Evaluation of Service Properties of Welded Joints from High-Strength Steels under Conditions of Repair-and-Renewal Operations ... 40
  • Markashova L.I., Poznaykov V.D., Berdnikova E.N., Gayvoronskiy A.A. Structuraland-Analytical Evaluation of Strength and Crack Resistance of the Surfaces of Railway Wheels under Repair ... 44
  • Markashova L.I., Tyurin Yu.N., Kolisnichenko O.V., Valevich M.L., Bogachev D.G. Analytical Evaluation of Contribution of Structural Parameters in Change of Mechanical Properties of the Tool from Quick-Cutting Steels in Pulse-Plasma Surface Processing ... 49
  • Makhnenko V.I., Velikoivanenko E.A., Milenin A.S., Rozynka G.F., Pivtorak N.I. Interaction of Discontinuity Flaws in Welded Joints ... 54
  • Makhnenko V.I., Velikoivanenko E.A., Rozynka G.F., Pivtorak N.I. Mathematical Models of Welded Joint Ductile Fracture Based on Pore-Formation Mechanism ... 58
  • Makhnenko V.I., Medovar L.B., Kozlitina S.S., Dzyubak L.I. Mathematical Modelling of Continuous Process of Obtaining of Various in Height Steel Ingots Using ESR method with Liquid Filler Metal ... 64
  • Makhnenko V.I., Medovar L.B., Saenko V.Ya., Polishko A.A., Fedorovskii B.B., Grigorenko S.G., Zaitsev V.A. Modelling of Process of Manufacture of Large Hollow Ingots with the Help of Build-up Using ESS LM Method ... 70
  • Makhnenko V.I., Milenin A.S. On the Issue of the Safety Guarantee at the in-Service Repair of Main Pipelines ... 74
  • Makhnenko O.V. Calculation Comparison of Hypotheses of Formation of Discontinuity Flaw Defect in the Zone of No. 111-2 Welded Joint at Steam Generators of the Third Block of Rovenskaya NPP ... 78
  • Makhnenko O.V., Mirzov I.V. Investigation of Stress-Strain State of Internals on Example of VVER-1000 Reactor Enclosure ... 86
  • Makhnenko O.V., Muzhichenko V.F., Prudkiy I.I. Analysis of Stress-Strain State of Welded Stringer Panels from Titanium Alloy VT-20 Based on MathematicalModelling ... 90
  • 5 Makhnenko O.V., Pustovoy A.D. Mathematical Modeling in Development of Welded Variant for Side Frame of Track of Freight Car ... 97
  • Milenin A.S. Basic Aspects for Planning of Repair of Under Pressure Main Pipelines Based on Results of In-Tube Diagnostics ... 102
  • Milenin A.S. Numerical Evaluation of Serviceability of Defective Sections of Main Pipelines being Repaired under Pressure ... 112
  • Saprykina G.Yu. Improvement of ArcWeldSys System for Welding of Structural Steels ... 117
  • Semenov I.L., Krivtsun I.V., Zelnichenko A.T. Investigation of Processes of Binary Alloy Evaporation in Arc Welding ... 123
  • Semenov A., Krivtsun I., Demchenko V. Calculation of Distributed Characteristics of Electric and Magnetic Fields in «Electrode Wire—Welding Arc» System ... 128
  • Sidorets V.N., Bushma A.I., Zhernosekov A.M. Interaction of Bifurcations in Electric Circuit Model with Laser-Arc Discharge ... 133
  • Sidorets V.N., Kunkin D.D., Abdulakh V.M., Moskovich G.N. Application of Harmonic Balance Method in Analysis of Higher Harmonics of Welding Arc Current ... 137
  • Surin A.P., Zaytsev A.A. System for Efficient Melting of Metal Alloys using Electric Arc ... 141
  • Tomashchuk I., Sallamand P., Jouvard J.-M. The Progress in Numerical Modeling of Melted Zone Formed Between Dissimilar Metallic Materials ... 144
  • Kharlamov M.Yu., Krivtsun I.V., Korzhik V.N. Numerical Modelling of Movement and Heating of Particles Formed in Wire Dispersion under Conditions of Plasma-Arc Spraying ... 147
  • Tsvelev R.V., Slezkin D.V., Sudnik V.A., Erofeev V.A., Мaslennikov A.V. Physical-Mathematical Modelling of Submerged Arc Welding Process ... 156
  • Name Index ... 165

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